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Ozark Streams Seamless Gutters is a certified dealer of a patented and guaranteed gutter protection system called LeavesOut. In business since 1989, LeavesOut, Inc. headquarters are based in Etowah, North Carolina. LeavesOut is a solid aluminum cover installed over existing gutters, guaranteeing you will never again have a clogged downspout!

~ 23 standard colors with over 100 special colors available plus copper

~ secured to gutter lip using the stainless steel "hurricane" bracket every 2 feet

~ works great even on pine needles, maple seeds, and oak blossoms

~ low profile gives attractive "finished" look to gutter

~ handles the heaviest rain and snow loads. Rated over 12"/hour rainfall (which is more than ever recorded anywher

~ nose back position - cover slips between first row of shingles and starter shingle with about 3" of cover exposed and no screws in the roof

~ easily modified for installation on flat roofs, metal roofs, and other special roof types

~ installed only by factory certified professionals

~ guarantees the gutters will remain free flowing, transferable performance warranty

~ installed cost of LeavesOut is about half that of similar covers

~ 90 day money back performance warranty - a policy unique to the industry of gutter covers

~ Excellent Customer Service

Visit the LeavesOut website at